About Me

I am a stay a stay at home mom to a wonderful 20 month little boy. We had a very hard first 5 months together. I wanted to enjoy him but I was too exhausted to do so. I had no idea how to listen to him and there were many failed attempts to get his sleeping and reflux on track that made things worse before they improved. Frantically, I looked for solutions from Dr Sears’ Baby Book to The Baby Whisperer by Tracy Hogg and Babywise by Gary Ezzo and Robert Bucknam along with many websites and forums. Ultimately I learned that there was no label or one style of parenting that would work for me. Everyone told me to use my instinct but I truly felt I didn’t have one. Ultimately the blogs I read have helped the most in finding my own parenting voice.

I hope this blog can serve the same purpose for someone else. Mine is another point of view and experience from which we can all learn. I’m hoping that others will leave their stories on my pages as well so people can see many different solutions for each problem.

In my blog, I also hope to include some things I’ve learned about general homemaking. We moved into a “new” 1970’s house two weeks before our son was born. In the first year I felt like I could have earned a couple of degrees with everything I learned the hard way!

Before my current career, I worked for nearly 15 years in management and sales for a company that supplies lighting for the entertainment industry.

Outside of taking care of the family, I am a member of three book clubs including one on unschooling and peaceful parenting and I enjoy being active with running, walking, playing, hiking and skate skiing.

I truly love being at home with my family and feel honored that I get to work for Us.

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