The Beginning


I’m starting a blog. This is a parenting and homemaking blog. There are hundreds out there but I’m hoping mine is different. My ultimate dream is to use this as a forum for parents to help each other. Really help. Not bitch, complain, belittle, brag, or argue; but someplace to have heated discussions backed up by facts and experience to ultimately find the pros and cons of some of the choices we have in parenting. How to get your baby to sleep, how to make transitions, eating, breast feeding, bottle feeding, schooling, etc.

An even bigger dream would be for these bits and bites to add up to a service where live (yes LIVE) people physically go to each other’s houses and help each other out. There are so many countless times since my son was born that I wish I had a second pair of eyes from someone that I could trust to look in from the outside and tell me if what I perceive is what they see. Am I helping him too much? Controlling him too much? Listing to him? Responding to him? Was his cry a “need help” cry? Or something in passing? Is there an experienced Mom who parents along the lines I do that could get me on the right track? Is there a home I could visit where I could see a particular parenting style in action? Yes, that would be a dream come true. To connect people who are facing parenting challenges so they can help each other out.
So today I start a blog. So people who come here can learn a bit about me and maybe help each other out.

One thought on “The Beginning

  1. I’m IN! What a great idea! I love that this can be a place to connect with parents who have all sorts of different styles. If there is anything that I’ve learned about parenting, it is that the game is always changing. It’s so helpful to have a tool that is flexible and informed! Thanks for starting this!

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